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EBOOK Laurie Baker Life Work and Writings by Gautam Bhatia – xermadeenfotos.org

Time Anyone who s reading this and studying architecture should take Laurie Baker s uaker lifestyle as a conceptthere is no way your jury won t be impressed I could tell that Laurie Baker s way of thinking is somewhat special Along with his practical solution and understanding of the structure material and local natural laws there is no doubt that his work is very inspiring His writings are striking and has the right to be cynical but mind to embrace them with open mind It makes me wonder whether those buildings still compatible with today s climate condition and technologiesI dare say this book is certainly not or any layman I who have some architectural background ind this book hard to read mostly because of the layout the absence of ootnote and caption of the pictures images Please atleast ew pages of glossary. And tourist centres His distinctive brand of architecture usually moulded around local building traditions especially those of Kerala his adopted home state in South India is instantly identifiable and has unsurprisingly revolutionized traditional concepts of architecture in India Baker’s architecture is responsive uses local materials.

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Very useful This is one of my avorite architecture books The photos are sometimes a bit overexposed and the paper is perhaps a little cheap but the ideas in this book than make up Leading By Design for theseaults Baker s work inspires by its very simplicity The logic Kanata falls so much into line with common sense that it is hard to tell why this man is only now getting attention that he has recently passed away April 1 2007 Of course he wouldn t have wanted the attention because it would have conflicted with his uaker idealsI ordered minerom India First Impressions from a bookshop in Mumbai before any were commonly available in North America One of the best architectural books out there I have turned into a complete bakerangirl I never thought I would ever read non iction but Gautam Bhatia s writing is amazing It s informative and un at the same. The definitive biography of Laurie Baker Laurie Baker has worked in India Arctic Labyrinth for overorty years and is renowned or being one of the very ew architects in the world to have designed and built buildings as diverse as The Color of Law (Scott Fenney fishermen’s huts computer institutes private homes hostels hospitals churches technical institutes auditoriumsilm studios.

In the back of the book would help much with the reading I hate reading while constantly googling Perhaps it will be suitable to read as an e book Brilliant book on the life of Laurie Baker the architect I took on this book as an architectural book but soon realised that this book is not about Architecture but about the life and works of the Laurie BakerThe narration keeps us going Richistan for a good while then once it comes to the project the lack of information will throw us off the track As a whole the book is good and throws a lantern into the life of Laurie Baker and his missions all over IndiaAs a whole it s a pretty good book as it reveals some of the vernacular construction techniues that has been adopted and recaliberated by the Architect himself toit to the various reuirements of day to day building construction. And lays stress on low cost design This biography of Laurie Baker like his work is direct simple and comprehensive; Swamplandia! further embellished with sketches plans photographs and some of Baker’s own writings the book offers the professional architect as well as the layman aascinating view of the life methods and thoughts of an unorthodox geni.