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Well I m totally dirty No wait I m kinky Let us just call it kink that has driven me to read this book in like an hour really late at night lose sleep and totally et hot over her two really hunky step brothers ravishing her one night Literally the whole book rocked my socks off The creepy step dad that not even the sons trusted The way he was abusing the mother in private and Lucie was smart enough to uncover his really corrupted past This book was really really ritty while being so super sexy at the same time I don t read enough menage books any But when you make it these hot really Alpha step brothers Good Lord I was so a oner I loved EVERYONE in this book Even Edward because he fit the baddie bill so perfect with his creepy Porterhouse Blue (Porterhouse Blue, glare and his drunken rapey looks I would LOVE LOVE LOVE of this hot threesome They are all in college now sharing and apartment pleaseive me I bought this with the intentions of reading a short little titillating taboo story I ll have to say it was a lot story than that Don t Finding Robert Johnson get me wrong It was short It definitely had some titillating sexy moments Mist ifying even It also had me uite upset and shaking in my boots towards the end It is uite a bit than a taboo uickieLucie s mom meets andets engaged to Edward When Lucie meets Edward and his two sons uentin 19 and Emery 18 she s ready to not like them Resents having to change her world Those brothers are pretty hot though Edward Toward the Zen of Performance gives her the creeps Lucie is in her last y Does it feelood to have my brother s mouth on those pretty little red nipples Sooo Hot Next time we fuck I m Butt Workouts by Chia Booty going to be buried in your ass while my brother is fucking your tight little cunt Oh God That was something she was definitely looking forward toI could have done without her mother and stepfather storyline should have just been about her and her two stepbrothers fucking nonstop I felt like the last bit was rushed thus I want toive it a 49 but hey round it off and you et 5 stars I really like how the book wasn t all sex but had reality issues too like the abusive step fatherthrough Lucie s eyeshusbandthrough Melanie s eyes Nonetheless the sex scenes were extrem. Wickedly Taboo Book TwoLucie not only has to share her house with her new step father but also his two sons Emery and uentin aren’t the typical boys Lucie.

pdf download Lucies Two Step Brothers Wickedly Taboo #2 – xermadeenfotos.org

Start from hereLucie must accept the fact that her mother decided to re married again with EdwardLucie not onl I really expected from this book because I really liked the first book of the series However I just didn t like it as much as the author s previous books I couldn t connect with the characters very well Probably because the book was way to short for me to develop feelings for the characters The author usually writes shorter stories but I usually can et into the books that I ve read from her I couldn t this time The story line was just very weak and didn t feel like much of a story in the end Highly disappointed in this book but I still really like this author and will keep reading her books So ok I picked this one up cause I obviously dig m nages AND it was also sort of forbidden sexromance too so you ot me And the m nage thing was HOT My my really hot BUT the abuse thing with the stepfather sort ofput out my fire for a while So it lessened my fun a little Who the heck want to talkread about abuse when in kinky mood Well sure as hell not me thank you very much 3 words Short steamy and fun Pretty ood storyline for a short and erotica thrown in So Lucie s mom Pedal Control: Achieving Speed, Control, Power, and Endurance for the Feet gets re married when Lucie is 18 The step brothers 19 and 20 are under the thumb of the dad and obviously have their issues with him The one brother staying at home until the other is done with school Iuess in their world seniors of high school start at 18 and Poseidons Arrow (Dirk Pitt, graduate at 19 because both Lucie and Ethan are in thatroup I suspect this was to make the story PC for adult crowd Personally a 17 18 and 19 year old Dmitri group would ve been the same for me and make sense unless then all were held back a year OK so the problem with the agesSo at first Lucie seems very jealous and spiteful immature but sherows and takes a little responsibility for her feelingsThe suddenness of the change for the mother and step father was not the realistic Italian Riviera gradual possessive abuser but for the short it works So Lucie and theuys A Beach Party with Alexis go through a very traumatic family problem together at the end and it was aood storyline their even if the way it proceeded was a little too uickly. Ettles in Lucie knows that she isn’t oing to be able to resist their advances for longBe Warned anal sex menage sex violence stepbrothers not blood relat.

Ely sexy and whoo It wasn t as if watching Emery and uentin lift weights was the least bit off putting but the fact that technically they would be her stepbrothers and she was rowing increasingly aroused every time she looked at them made her feel uncomfortable Lucie may be uncomfortable and embarrassed with the thought of being aroused by her two stepbrothers physiues but that doesn t keep her from fantasizing Acting on those naughty thoughts by herself in private relieves the physical tension their nearness brings but it s hard for Lucie to come to The House Guest Box Set (SwingersThreesome Bisexual MMF Cuckold Hotwife Menage) ) grips with colliding the fantasy with reality as it could be perceived as taboo and therefore wrong uentin and Emery are all too aware of Lucie s struggle and intend on releasing her of those inhibitions through a little dinner seduction However something sinister is brewing under the surface of the marriage between Lucie s mom and uentin and Emery s father Lucie feels it but the brothers believe it s not as bad as it once was As Lucie discovers the physical pleasures to be had with her stepbrothers she also uncovers a past that her stepfather would rather keep hidden What is it and will it break the tentative bonds formed by Lucie and her stepbrothers Well you must read this wickedly taboo story to find out The reader will definitely experience a heightened eroticism to this short story with the taboo aspect The bit of drama in the storyline keeps it from being purely erotic and adds a hint of mystery and suspense Description when it came to the main characters and especially Lucie felt a little lacking and I would have loved toet inside the brother s minds and not just Lucie However in this case perhaps actions do speak louder than thoughts or words The pages flew by uickly and heatedly and it can be read as a standalone to the series I absolutely cannot wait to read the next tabooed story this author createsReview soon to be posted Night Owl Reviews 3 fanning myself stars Next time we fuck I m oing to be buried in your ass while my brother is fucking your tight little cunt Whoaaaaaa Okay OkayLet me calm down first okay Fyuh UhmUhwell where should I start eh Oh let me. Goes to school with not with their towering heights and muscular frames As her annoyance for her two step brothers slowly diminishes and a fierce arousal

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