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Also posted on my blog YA AnonymousMy God That ending That ad to be the most awkward awkward moment I ve ever read in a book EVERBut then a bit later on it Sanctuary hits meow My Holiday in North Korea hilarious the situation Lena s gottenerself in and the laughter startsOh Lena You po OMFGI loved this book SO MUCH I couldn t put it down Why you people don t like Julian He s PERFECT I tell you perfect I liked Alex I really did but I LOVED Julian I m totally team Julian and I m willing to know what The American Tradition of Descent-Dissent happens in Reuiem AND THE ENDING Itas the worst cliffhanger EVER Well the worst in a good way I started cursing when I finished it lucky I already Light Years Selected Early Works 1969-1972 (A Dynamite book) have my copy of Reuiem with me and I ll start reading it tonightOH words can t expressow much I loved this book and Legal Analysis (2012) how much I loved Julian I loved the fact that Lena could find love again and ahhh I m soappy and I If You Follow Me have a knot in my stomach because OMG poor Alex What is going toappen nowOMFGGGG A very very VERY begrudging two stars I d give it a one but I reserve those for books I truly loathe and I just dislike this one SoI ave grown tired of poorly created dystopian worlds that exist not to make us think but only as a prop for what do you think it will be Guess Guess I dare you Yeah we are there yet again In the ubiuitous love triangle So manufactured and so terribly unneccessary and really can these authors think of nothing else to add tension to a story or I should say to lengthen a storyAgain too much of this book is wandering in the Wilds in the cold in the snow and some of the things make no sense They ave no eating utensils None So they eat with their Everyman hands Theyave plates cooking pots they even The End (The 30-Day Collective Book 1) have metal traps forunting but not a single spoon or fork And so I am stuck on that Why I think they could find some small tree branch whittle a bowl shape at one end and you ve got a spoon Surely while they are sitting around in the evenings someone could be creating some spoons It just seemed stupidAnd again if you are creating this world kindly explain it WHY did the government decide love was a disease How did this A Cidade Das Trevas (Dean Koontzs Frankenstein, happen To sayere is this world but never explain anything about it well that feels like lazy writing It feels like a child stamping their feet and declaring because I said so rather than crafting an intelligently thought out society Yes outlawing love in general makes absolutley no sense and because of that the author needs to sell it to me with everything she as that it does in some way make sense to the leaders of this worldThere are small things that I feel were put there to make you think there is some weird sexual obsession by the government but that goes nowhere Example page 50 I urry to the metal detector and unload my bag then stand with arms and legs splayed while a man sweeps impassively with the wand over my breasts and between my legs As I read this I was thinking this is so ridiculous She could Tarot for Magical Times have a weapon iner boot or up er sleeve or tucked in the back waistband of er pants but as long as she doesn t shove it in Dangerous Heat her crotch or betweener breasts they ll never find it What is so scary that they Birds, Beasts, and Bandits have to scan breasts and between the legs How about simply saying while a man sweeps impassively with the wand over every inch of my body That would at the very least make sense and not put the message that somehow women s private areasave become the things about which safety experts are the most concerned What is the point of saying it that wayThere is also this which bugged me enough that I went back to reference itDescription of Julian There is a long thin gash that runs from is eyebrow to is jawDescription of Alex a scar runs from The Accidental Startup his eyebrow all the way down tois jawHmmm Just bothered me Oh well What I liked best about the first book is completely gone from this one First I really thought the chapter The Man in the High Castle headings being reading from The Book of SHHH and others added a lot of understanding and entertainment to the first book None of that is in this oneSecond I applauded the fact that we didn tave a love triangle Well folks I spoke too soon As I ve said this entire book is nothing than a set up for the third book which is going to be all about the triangleI also didn t care for the way the story is told in this one with chapters titled Now and Then as the story goes back and forth between Lena s arrival in the Wilds and er life later in Brooklyn There wasn t any reason There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN ereI’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare pushing aside thoughts of Alex pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school push push

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READ DOWNLOAD Pandemonium –

Utiful I A Taste of Darkness (Mackenzie Vampires have to read Delirium That s it after Undercurrent I am reading Delirium and getting up to date with this fantastic series I love the orange color it also goes with the new coverUpdated July 19 2011Okay I just finished Delirium and Im sorry but I can t wait till freaking 2012 for this book It s insanity She is falling in love again IT BETTER NOT BE ANOTHER GUY OR GIRL MISS LENA BECAUSE WE LOVE ALEX OKAY ALEX I I just I fell in love with Delirium and waiting for this seuel is torture TT Pre ReviewIf Alex doesn t make itthen myeart will implode I really ope that Pandemonium as the following or I m not sure I d make it through this book Alex is alive in prison and not cured because no one better touch a Naturalistless hair onis ead Lena WAITS for im gets stronger and drum roll rescues Babys Mealtime him Lena doesn t fall in love with some other dude with pretty eyes and kissable lips or I d SOSimShoot on SightSo the book is coming out February 28 and I preordered my copy Post ReviewOh lordcoming soon Read a coherent review of this book over at my blogOMG OH MY GODOH MY FUCKING CLIFFHANGERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHseveral screaming fits laterview spoilerALEX IS ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SDGFJINOFASOISGJFOAISJMGPLDSA G SAD GDASP L GAOASGNSJGPO The Miracle Equation hide spoiler Sorry folks there might be some spoiler age for the outcome of book 1 the previous book in this review because Iave a wee bit of an incoming rant ready to go and I don t think I can The Dawn of Modern Thought hold it back edit while this review onlyas spoilers for book 1 you may want to avoid the comments discussion below the review if you don t want book 2 spoiled I m scaredHe barely whispers it but I can feel The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, his lips moving against my neck as though the words are being spelled thereI know I say Me too alks djfashawalskdfjsad lkfjsal dkjfasl kdjfsljkdfThat my friends is my frustr Oh Urrrrrrr Gur gle Kapowy Splut ter Cough DieOkay Pan de mo nium was a HUGE improve ment over Delir ium for me First of all the world seemed A LOT con sis tent The world build ing was an improve ment as wellPeraps the biggest improve ment was Lena Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man her self No whiny annoy ing inse cure lit tle girl This Lenaas been through the fire got burnt and is fight ing to sur vive What I love is that Lena Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, has grown become capa ble assertive intel li gent and shrewd There were parts of this book in which I was phys i cally cheer inger onLena Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 has sur vived the wild the bombs and thearsh win ter She s come out stronger and weary Now she s back behind the fence but this time as an oper a tive of the resis tance and Goethean Science her mark is Julian Fine man son of a rad i cal move ment to fur ther erad i cate the sick ness known as love Julian is con fused com plex dam aged and vul ner a ble Whene and Lena are kid napped and Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! heldostage together they Digital Crossroads have to join forces to escapeWhat I loved was the devel op ment of their rela tion ship theero role of Lena as the stronger knowl edge able and capa ble of the two and ow they both start to grow and eal togetherOf course the book is filled with com pli cated plot twists and a cou ple of NO WAY moments one of which was obvi ous and eas ily fore seen but SO WHATThe writ ing in this book matched to the cal iber I expect of Oliver It felt a appro pri ate and smoothAnd I guess this is a les son learned one that I was glad to learn Find a good author and stick with them I wasn t a The Einstein Theory of Relativity huge fan of Delir ium but Pan de mo niumas me aching for Reuiem to see what How to Negotiate Your First Job happensYou know it s a good novel when the last lineas you going No NO No way oh my good ness no NOimage error They ave clamped their fists around a geyser to keep it from exploding But the pressure eventually builds and the explosion will always come 35 Better than book 1 I ll give it that I was interested in the plot in this book I enjoyed the new characters from the Wilds and watching Lena overcome er demons and generally become much strongerHowever I still Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, had other issues 1 More instalove Like good grief can this girl go nowhere without fallingead over The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore heels within the first five minutes2 Despiteer time in the Wilds foraging for food Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber hiking from oneomestead to another as soon as Lena and Julian are kidnapped she basically becomes this weak girl I understand that she should be weak due to lack of food violence etc but Julian seems to New Exploration handle it much better ande is from a rich privileged background so if anythin. Up to er acclaimed New York Times bestseller Delirium This riveting brilliant novel crackles with the fire of fierce defiance forbidden romance and the sparks of a revolution about to ignite.

Or this particularly as the Then portion just ends without actually linking up with the Now And most of the Then is just about ow she learns to live in the Wilds and could ave really been perhaps one chapter Again though if you re going to write a trilogy instead of one decent book you ve got to fill those pages somehowThe new love feels nothing so much as contrived Yes I know there will be other readers who will say ow much they love Julian and isn t The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles he wonderful But in my opinion the whole relationship feels forced It s as if the author most of all wanted a new relationship can tave a triangle without a new guy after all so she found a way to force Lena to spend time alone with a cute boy and let the longing glances begin Really It feels false Or perhaps Medicine and Religion her feelings for either of these guys are nothing special as this is the first straight boy she s been alone with since AlexAnd speaking of Alex Lena just moves on Oh yes she iseartbroken and woebegone but let s face it she forgets The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, him in a short minute She knows that what she s been told that those who violate the law aren t always immediately executed She knows this is untrue by seeing it wither own eyes not a rumor not a maybe She knows because Valentino her own mother was assumed dead but was in fact locked up for ten years But Lena just trips along in the forest with the notion that Alex whom she loved and adored and who riskedis life for er is surely dead How She makes not even one single attempt to find out if e Shunned has somehow survived She Moves OnHow are you going to sell me onow much she loves im if she can t even be bothered to check and see if e s goneAnd guess what So buckle your seat belts for love triangle 4856823Seriously disappointed EDIT Finally FINALLY I was able to finish Pandemonium and ohmygosh The moment all of us Oba, the Last Samurai have been dreading for Ta da view spoilerLove triangles Freaking love triangleside spoiler You can find reviews BloodyBookaholicYou know Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, how sometimes authors get a little am lazy on the second book of the series It never seems to live up to theype Ends up kind of sucking Yeah coughCrossedcough I know all about it and somewhere along the way you ave learned this tooI am proud to announce that Pandemonium was AMAZING it LIVES UP TO THE HYPE and it won t let you down at all Such a freaking revelation Why aren t books like thisThe thing that saved this book from being a downer was this the author didn t just write a straight tale where Lena gets to the wild and then keeps growing keeps getting strong blah blah same thing we ave read about a The Wood Demon hundred times There is some of this in there for sure but it s given to us in small doses in between larger sections that are pack full of adventure and edge of your seat kind of moments This is what made the book shine Going between the past and the present is what saved the book from being pretty slow and instead it makes it a book worthy of being Delirium s second bookSomething I can add to this is that Delirium while it focuses on love your first love to be specific I thought Pandemonium focused a little bit onate anger and First Shapes healing It certainly showed us a new side to Lena that we never saw before The combination ofer new life and losing Alex Dispatches from Dystopia has madeer get in touch with emotions that would Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) have been closed up toer before and it is very interesting to see Ancient World how she manages navigates througher new lifeI couldn t leave without a note on the new male interest He is something else He is not going away any time soon and sure you might Fighter hateim at first but believe Събрани разкази, Том 5 he is going to grow on you so much Plus those sexy scenes betweenim and Lena certainly The Real James Herriot helped I swear my breath literally caught on some passages I felt like I was there and it wasappening to meI think that anything that I say will be too much a revelation I don t wanna spoil this story for you because it s a fantastic story So just know this If the book sucked I would tell you flat out why but it doesn t It s pretty freaking amazing and I can t believe I Waterloo (Sharpe, have to wait till 2013 to read the seuel This iseart breaking because the book is left on a HUGE cliff Cinderella hanger that made you want to pull out yourair I suealed I really did people looked at me weird I kept doing this sort of crazy giggle You คนรวมวิญญาณ 1 โรงเรียนติววิญญาณ had to be there Old UpdateThe cover isereCover Revealed Pandemonium a Delirium novel 2 by Lauren OliverIsn t she lovely Isn t it bea. Ush like Raven taught me to doThe old life is deadBut the old Lena is dead tooI buried erI left er beyond a fencebehind a wall of smoke and flameLauren Oliver delivers an electrifying follow.