BOOK FREE Proof Caroline Auden #2 BY C.E. Tobisman –

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Review Proof Caroline Auden #2

BOOK FREE Proof Caroline Auden #2 BY C.E. Tobisman –

Proof is a page turner Caroline Auden the protagonist is a ikable idealist attorney who had been previously burned by a prestigious but corrupt One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic law firm Now in private practice Auden selects cases that help people In other words she s a do gooder someone with whom I identifiedAdd her amazing cyber skills she s a great hacker with her idealism and the story is ripe for a crusade against a corrupt real estate company with tentacles in many different businesses one of which is a series of nursing homes When Auden s grandmother dies at one of these nursing homes Auden senses that something is wrong As she investigates she undercovers a despicable plot that points to moneyaundering and murderInvestigating further she finds herself in mortal danger and goes underground seeking the help of her uncle a former police detective who now The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City lives on the street He connects Caroline with a motley crew of homeless people in possession of amazing skills perhaps the most important beingoyalty to each other and to CarolineThese characters make the book engaging and very readable when it could have been a bit over the top eg idealist The Holy Grail lawyer fights a corrupt evil empire If youike thrillers with a nod towards the British Jihadism law this book is for you PROOF is an excellent follow up to DOUBT Tobisman did a great job growing the character and unfolding an interesting plot There was a new side to Caroline that showed her as dogged and resourceful in a seriously alien situation This was an entertaining read that I will enjoy again and again I pre ordered Proof the day I finished Doubt both books are finely crafted with believable compelling characters The plots are credible and the twists make both books page turners Thanks to you I can t wait to pre order the next Caroline Auden thriller Caroline Auden is back and she does not disappoint She connects the dots of deception better than the best and CE Tobisman provides an abundance of heart stopping dots for her to connect This seuel to Doubt surpasses the first as a page turner I finished Proof in two sittings and was rewarded with a totally satisfying conclusion Setting is essential to this thriller so if you happen toive in LA there s an added satisfaction in visualizing every building street and underpass Caroline visits A must for your summer reading Virgin Widow list So much intelligent fun Loved checking in with Caroline Auden again after Doubt She is a charismatic complex and cunning hero who manages everytime to make it in under the wire with brilliance and aplomb This seuel features some Great read I actually couldn t put it down Started reading in a coffee house sofa chair and just stayed Caroline is aittle older and a Wife in Exchange little wiser which would make sense But on top of that she is now totally stressed out after what happened in the first book Let me say here that I don t think you need to read the first book first this book stood on its own I know that because I made my cousin read it and she was euallyiking it and had not read the first book I wanted to tell her about the first book but she borrowed it right then In this one her grandmother s death kicks off a chain of events that forces this tech wizard to. In this gripping seuel to CE Tobisman’s The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, legal thriller Doubt techie turned attorney Caroline Auden struggles to move on with herife after her Night And Day last case nearly destroyed her careerStill haunted by the betrayal that forced her toeave a prestigious Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow law firm Caroline Auden struggles to keep her fledgling practice afloat and her paranoia in check When her grandmother dies she mournsosing the

Figure out how to survive on the street with no tech at all and that s what got me stuck in that sofa chair all day reading Proof picks up a year after Doubt The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid leaves off but I really think it is a true stand alone book you don t have to read Doubt first to enjoy Proof Reallyet yourself get a few pages into this book and you won t be able to put it down REVIEW Thoughts on This n That summer readers are going to be inundated by thrillers hoping to catch your attention and wallet But which book to buy Which thriller do you want keeping you up reading Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys late into the nightBookSparks Summer Reading Challenge suggests CE Tobisman A Los Angeles appellate attorney turned sleuth writer has created your new favorite heroine Caroline Auden The closer she gets to justice the further she gets from theawFYI If you re familar with CE Tobisman s work I m sure you re thrilled we re featuring her on Thoughts on This n That Her debut thriller DOUBT has over 27 hundred reviews on with a solid 4 rating The seuel PROOF has just bee publishedIn PROOF ThomasMercer Caroline is making every effort to keep her struggling Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, law practice afloat and her paranoia in check Still haunted by the betrayal that forced her toeave a prestigious Life Changing Smiles law firm her grandmother dies and Carolineoses the only constant in her ife Grief soon turns to suspicion when she discovers her grandmother eft her entire estate including the family s sole heirloom a valuable antiue watch to a charity called Oasis Care On the surface Oasis helps society s outcasts Only a Whisper like Caroline s alcoholic homeless uncle But as she digs deeper Caroline uncovers a sinister plot that sends her running for herife on the dangerous streets of Los AngelesPlunged into the underbelly of the city operating without a phone or a computer Caroline finds sanctuary with her homeless uncle and a ragtag group of outcasts while building evidence for her case As she sifts through the shadowy world of the Goliath nonprofit Caroline is also forced to confront her own dark shadows casting doubt on her ability and her sanityCaroline Auden is a smart tough woman who isn t going to take any crap in her pursuit of the truth She s a fresh welcomed heroineFor fifteen years CE Tobisman has been an appellate attorney handling cases in the California courts of appeal and Supreme Court After graduating from UC Berkeley and attending Copper Lake Secrets law school there she moved to Los Angeles where she nowives with her wife and their three children In addition to DOUBT and PROOF Tobisman is also the author of INSIDE THE LOOP published by Emet ComicsFind her on Twitter at cetobisman on Facebook at and at With previous knowledge of Doubt the book that introduced Caroline Auden I had prepared myself for a novel grounded in courtroom arguments and Brooklyn's Song lawyerese Proof proved to be something totally different Ms Tobisman s novel readsike a high tension actionadventure thriller From time to time you get a feeling the plot is clashing with reality but the author s continuous presentation of information that supports the story Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide line pulls the reader back This is a riveting tale that combines police andegal tactics with a fast paced description that careens bac. Nly constant in her Plain Jane The Hotshot life But grief soon turns to suspicion when she discovers her grandmothereft her entire estate including a valuable antiue watch the family’s sole heirloom to a charity called Oasis Care On the surface Oasis helps society’s outcasts Family of Her Dreams like Caroline’s alcoholic homeless uncle But as she digs deeper Caroline uncovers a sinister plot that sends her running for herife on

K and forth as it races to a climax Ms Tobisman s knowledge of the Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed law provides the base helping her knit a tight web backed by her field of expertise The result A pulse pounding novel that keeps you turning the pages as the events become perilouseading heroine Caroline Auden further into the path of danger It was a relief to see that the anxiety Caroline suffered with in the first book is still present but under control The tendency of writers to grant their creations with physical problems is an overused tactic and it was good to see that the author has moved away from this crutch and given Caroline everyday Girls Night Out life issues to occupy her timeSide note This is one of those books that has the option of audio narration I have used narration on a few books with mixed results Proof is narrated by Carly Robbins who does an excellent job of reading and engagingisteners with different voices and accents I don t include this as part of the stars rating but I did want folks to know that the five star efforts by Ms Robbins are enjoyableBottom Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) line Ms Tobisman has crafted a story that may cause readers to suspend disbelief Lovers of actionadventure movies and novels will probablyove this book Once I recognized where the author was taking Caroline I immersed myself i an excellent well crafted story that was firmly grounded with just enough Into the Wild (The McGraws, legal principles to ensure credibility without excessive terms that would haveeft us Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, lay people in the dust Highly recommended Four and a half stars Proof is book two in Caroline Auden series by C E Tobisman When Caroline Auden beloved grandmother died and the nursing home told Caroline about the new Will New Willeft everything to Oasis When Caroline realises that her families heirloom watch was missing from her grandmother s room she started to wonder about Oasis However when Caroline Auden started to investigate Oasis she did not realise how her Cowboy Swagger (Sons of Troy Ledger, life would change and the effect she would have on others The readers of Proof will continue to follow the twist and turns in Caroline Auden investigation into Oasis to find out the truth about her grandmother s WillProof is the first book I have read of C E Tobisman and Ioved it The plot of Proof was fantastic and it differently engaged me as soon as I turned the first page Proof was well written and researched by C E Tobisman I Navy Wife (Navy like C E Tobisman portrayal of her characters especially Caroline Auden and the way they intertwine with each other C E Tobisman did a great job in describing her settings and highlighting the critical issues of homeless in today society The readers of Proof will start to understand the problems that homeless people have with organisations and government Also readers willearn about computer hacking and the issues that it can cause for others I recommend this book Heart warming storyExciting thrilling and compelling story of our society Treatment of homeless veterans and elders iving in the nursing homes Rich powerful vs poor and defenseless Caroline Auden is tenacious and stubborn She is going after what s rightfully hers meantime helping people around her and they are there to help and keep her safe Highly recommend this book. He dangerous streets of Los AngelesPlunged into a world of addicts and broken souls and operating without a phone or a computer Caroline finds sanctuary with her uncle and a ragtag group of outcasts while building evidence for her case As she sifts through the shadowy world of the Goliath nonprofit Caroline is also forced to confront her own dark shadows casting doubt on her ability and her sanit.

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