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The author is very clear this is not an academic work but a summary of the life travels and teaching of Nanak It s simply written and relates all the stories I know from childhood and some that were new to me Similarly although I knew Nanak traveled extensively in the Middle East I was unaware of his travels to South India Sri Lanka Nepal or Tibet I enj A summary of Guru Nanak Ji s life with most major incidents and chronology If you aren t a punjabi by ethnicity or a Sikh by religion and don t know anything about Sikhism and the uru you can definitely pick it up But for punja. Born into a society caught in the throes of orthodoxy and ritualism and further crippled by child marriage infanticide and a rigid caste system Guru Nanak was deeply spiritual from an early age The out.

( KINDLE The Book of Nanak ) ✓ Navtej Sarna – xermadeenfotos.org

G uality Unfortunately as a whole I was thoroughly disappointed by Navtej Sarna s book and would be looking for a better piece of literature on the life of Guru Nanak HumbledI am an ordinary man not even an iota of the divine figure of whose life this book talks about yet I am extremely happy to say that this book is very well written and takes the reader back in time to the days when Sikander Lodhi Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur ruled over the Indian hinterlands and amidst the darkness of superstition and debauchery a beacon of humility and hope arrived for the upliftment of the masse. Various myths and legends contained in anecdotal biographies and placing them in as precise a historical framework as possible The Book of Nanak traces the chronology of the main events of Nanak's life.

Bis having done essays on all the urus till class 10 as a part of curriculum I don t think you d need to buy it because you already know Anyone who wants to have a light refreshing read can read this if they have absolutely 0 knowledge related to the subject I felt it was a mediocre attempt at capturing Nanak s life Even though the information was sound yet often it felt like one was reading a hastily compiled article online as opposed to a well composed book However the hymns were potent and uite thought provoking and their well placement in the storyline was the only redeemin. Pouring of Nanak's faith evolved into the universal message of the omnipresence and existence of one God of true love euality and compassion which appealed to Hindus and Muslims alike Drawing upon the.

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Navtej Sarna is an Indian author columnist and diplomat who is the present Indian Ambassador to IsraelHe was born in Jalandhar India to noted writer in Punjabi Mohinder Singh Sarna and passed out of the 1980 Class of Indian Foreign Service Before holding this post he was Joint Secretary for external publicity at the Ministry of External Affairs MEA since October 2002 and holds the dis

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