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The concept of this story was reat Jockey heroine is kept by the stud farm owner hero until her brother coughs up the 100 million Euros that the hero was cheated out of on an online transaction for a horse Hero catches her sneaking into her brother s office at the stud farm in an attempt to find evidence that the account was hacked and her brother doesn t have the moneyThe hero does his blackmail thing and the heroine works manual labor in the stables while trying to suppress her lust for the hero The problem I had began here The heroine was way too philosophical about her ill treatment She doesn t burn with humiliation or hate or anything She burns with lust I Fake Mustache guess Same when she is made to clean the hero s house and serve at the hero s party She is supposed to be part owner of her family s stables and has been a part of the community since birth but she doesn t feel the humiliation of serving her neighbors Where is the angst in thatI know Abby Green can write five star high emotions She can put her heroines through hell and she did here But she doesn t let the heroine feel anything Even the hero kicking her out of bed after sex is just an emotional wince rather than a devastating hurt caused by his cruelty And there is no lingering over the view spoiler miscarriage and being trampled by three horses hide spoiler I really loved Nessa and Luc What a couple Their chemistry was amazing the love scenes were super passionate and hot and the hero was so yummy and sex on legs There is nothing I love than a sweet virginal heroine capturing the heart of a rich cynical playboy hero The only thing I hated was heroine s miscarriage It made me so sad and depressed I almost stopped reading I will stillive this 5 stars though because these two were so perfect together and we ot a short but cute epilogue with their baby boy plus pregnant heroine Definitely one of my favorite Harleuin Presents couples I am afraid I have a book hangover right now I really like this author when she writes old school Harleuin Presents Loved itReview to come soon After a long time found a HP that has touched me deeply One of those rare HPs amongst the ones published in the past few years which focuses on emotions than sex Luc and Nessa had fantastic chemistry and made an awesome pair Although Luc is the typical HP alpha who has only sex to offer and comes across as cold and ruthless there was depth to his character Having rown up on the streets on Paris he has put in a lot of hard work to become rich and is now owner of stud farms and racing stables And yet he s waiting to find acceptance and respect amongst the upper strata in society Nessa is sister to Iseult the heroine of the book Breaking the Sheikh s rules I haven t read this book who fell in love with Sheikh Nadim who bought their ailing stud farm and ave it back to the family as a wedding ift Her brother Paddy had been working for Luc s stud farm and is suspected of diverting a million dollars into his account He however believes he s been hacked but because Luc was all set to call the cops on to him he fled to US He sends Nessa to retrieve his laptop from his office at Luc s farm which is when the book opens but she s caught by Luc while breaking in He demands she pays the one million dollars her brother stole from him if she didn t want him to hand her over to the police They eventually settle for her working on his farm without pay until the debt is cleared He forbids her from oing near the racing horses He doesn t know that she is a jockey and is craving to ride in big races and make a name for herselfBoth are very attracted to each other but then Luc doesn t trust anyone and has vowed never to let anyone close Indebted to the billionaire And he will collectNessa must appeal to notorious tycoon Luc's better nature to exonerate her brothe.

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DOWNLOAD EPUB The Virgin's Debt to Pay –

The act of searching for the laptop and he concludes that she s her brother s accomplice The heroine begs him to leave the police out of the picture and offers to work for the H while her brother ets time to try and prove his innocence The first part of the story was a bit slow on the romantic front but the author was able to establish some strong chemistry between the MC s Luc s drawn to the heroine but he s a closed off type of Drawing Straws guy as are all H s in HPlandia with excess emotional baggage I liked the heroine a lot She was a pretty little tomboy type and I don t usually like tomboy heroines with a lot of inner strength and sass Nessa eventually lands the job as the H s newest jockey after he sees how skilled she is with his temperamental thoroughbreds The MC s try to fight their sexual attraction but end up having unprotected sex The H is a bit cold afterwards because he wants to fight his feelings and the heroine is too proud to show him how hurt she feels They end up having sex a few times afterwards because they can t help themselves The H s personal background is a very sad story and it s obvious that s he s never known the love of a family Their relationship is tumultuous and things come to a tragic climax after the heroine is thrown from a horse and has a miscarriage Luc proposes to her but he doesn t tell her he loves her and so she declines to accept I felt a little sorry for him because it s clear that he loved her but he is afraid of admitting it because he s lost every person he has ever loved in his life It s the heroine s older sister Iseult who convinces her to talk things out with the H Nessaoes to see him but he is the one who confesses his love first He had been looking for her after they had parted on bad terms because he d made up his mind to tell her how he really felt The epilogue was beautiful and it s set 2 yrs into the future where the MC s have a toddler son and are expecting another baby I was also pleasantly surprised to note that the author had written a novel based on Nessa s sister Iseult That book is Breaking the Sheikh s Rules and I ve put it on my reading list because I need to find out if it s as ood as this Loved it Everything my Goodreads friends said it would be Enjoyed the plot character s and pacing OMG Does Abby Green know how to heat you up then wear you out and leave you out to dry This book has it all Smart sweet uick witted Irish female jockey Nessa Sullivan is desperate to save her feckless brother who has accidentally become responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from the wrath of bad boy French racing billionaire Luc Barbier so she breaks into his offices to et her brother s laptop back Unfortunately for her she Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference gets caught Byuess who None other than the earthy sexy over powering bad boy himself In fact it s not really that unfortunately after Nessa The scarecrow gets over her fear of what Luc soing to do to her brother and discovers what he can do for her Seriously that pwhoar moment will have you as hot and bothered as Nessa unfortunately for me I was This is my first time ever reading a Harleuin Presents novel and I really liked it I will be reading for sure The characters felt very flushed out for a romance novel and I enjoyed their back and forth The writing it ood and it even I ve always enjoyed Abby Green s Harleuin Presents titles but this one is something really special I love the way Nessa is pulled into Luc s orbit thanks to her weak willed brother s disappearance one of my favorite romance tropes ever the strong heroine with the weak brother And I loved the Cinderella uality she has when she s cleaning out the stables Favorite moment of all is when she innocently falls asleep in th. S his captive And when undeniable attraction overwhelms them both it becomes clear that Nessa's innocence is the real price to

O him to hurt him so he keeps her at a distance So for a while the romance was a bit slow paced But Nessa manages to make inroads into Luc s heart and it doesn t take them long to succumb to passion and end up having unprotected sex then decide not to repeat it again However passion blindsides them and they succumb Funnily the first two time they do not even make it to the bed Luc is amazed by how fiercely Nessa fights for people she cares for Nessa was a very sweet compassionate and caring woman When Luc discovers she s a jockey he ives her the opportunity to ride his horse taking part in a prestigious race in Paris With her win Luc After the End gets invited to the society that had been eyeing him warily all along Moreover where all these years he s been tight lipped about his past he s started to confide in her which makes him realize he sot into too deep with Nessa He has to remind himself and her that he doesn t do emotions Nessa realizes she s fallen in love with Luc and also realizes that she cannot accept Luc s only sex no emotions offer So there s tension between them followed by a tragedy view spoiler Nessa wins a race but just as she crossed the winning line a rider less horse ran into her and her horse and she fell with the horses on top of her She didn t know she was pregnant and lost the baby in the accident hide spoiler The Virgin s Debt to Pay by Abby Green is a sensual romance set with the backdrop of the exciting world of horse racing Nessa O Sullivan will do anything for her family including breaking in to retrieve some data files to prove her brother s innocence He s been accused of stealing a payment of a million dollars for a prize race horse when the money doesn t show up in the right hands When Luc Barbier catches her in his office he s ready to exact revengeLuc doesn t believe that Nessa is as innocent as she looks Instead of calling the police he makes a bargain with her she can work for him in the stables or his household and the money he d pay her can o to her brother s debt He s suspicious of her believing she and her brother are in cahoots It s all the disturbing because he finds her incredibly attractiveNessa knows that Luc views her with disdain but she is eually attracted to him When they succumb to their chemistry she knows it means nothing to him But when she becomes involved with his horses and proves her skill as a jockey Luc finds himself far concerned about her safety than he should be As he discovers that she really is the caring if naive woman she appears to be will his determination to keep her at arm s length prove to be a mistakeFor of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review Now this novel definitely hit all the right spots for me especially after I ve just suffered through 3 horrible novels It was a nice sweet romance story with 2 MC s that I really liked The H Luc was a French rags to riches billionaire who started off in the horse breedingtrainingracing business but then multiplied his wealth by investing in many other sectors My mind never stops boggling at how 20something yr old uys can just catapult themselves from Septiņi grinding poverty to billionaire status in under a decade Iuess that s just a phenomenon that s found in HPlandia But on to the storyThe heroine Nessa is an Irish tomboy who happens to be a skilled upcoming jockey Her older brother Paddy who is employed by the H finds himself in the middle of a criminal situation after 1 million Euros is stolen during a business transaction Paddy runs off to hide even though he s not uilty but he sends the heroine to try and retrieve the laptop that he thinks will prove his innocence Luc finds Nessa in. R of theft But Luc is the most merciless and sinfully attractive man Nessa's ever met Until the debt is settled he'll hold her

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