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The meteoric rise and precipitous fall of an industry which has an occupational mortality rate 20 times that of the coal mining industry Working conditions were frightful Crewmen had to muscle 750 lb crab pots over icy ecks in 40 80 knot winds with seas often running over 30 feet They were constantly London Calling drenched with frigid water for periods of up to 40 hours with no rest The rewards however were extraordinary During the late 70 s the king crab population simply exploded In the peak year of 1980 the 130000000 lb uota was filled in 29ays by some 230 crab boats a record high A regular crewman pulling the standard full share of 7% of the boat s take might top 50000 for those 29 Orchard Valley Grooms days He or she could then go on to fish for tanner crab and pull in additional enormous sumsWalker was lucky He had been working in the timber industry got tired and heard they were hiring up in Alaska He was a strong worker andespite a predilection for seasickness Learned to love the hard work In fact when back in the lower 48 for a visit he was Croma Venture: The Spiral Wars, Book 5 disgusted to find people whose onlyesire was to get out of work He couldn t wait to get back to Alaska and its raw living on the edge Raw living it was Bar house brawls were common and the vast amounts of cash attracted enormous amounts of cocaine By the 1981 season however only 28000000 lbs were taken and in 1983 the season was totally closed It was Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, determined that crabs had succumbed to aisease that was making the majority of females sterileIn between The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant descriptions of how one baits a crab pot and the relative merits of various crew mates Walker peppers his book with vividescriptions of calamities and near eaths at sea He interviewed many of these survivors for the book and his retelling is spell binding From September 1982 through September I983 68 vessels sank in Alaskan waters with 46 crewmen killed Storms were ubiuitous and particularly vicious You gotta be nuts Great account for us Walter Mittys. Survivors of the industry's most harrowing isasters Spike Walker re creates the boom years of Alaskan crab fishing a modern The Amazing SAS day gold rush thatrew hundreds of fortune and adventure hunters to Alaska's angerous waters and the crash that follow.

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( EPUB Working on the Edge ) Õ Spike Walker – xermadeenfotos.org

I on t want to write a review cause I already had to write a bunch of stuff about this for school Basically it had good writing but I would not recommend this unless you are incredibly interested in king crab fishing in Alaska Close callsI spent a number of years working boats in Alaska and this brought back some frighting memories and terror on some of the voyages and psychotic captains I worked with I am glad I Broken Prophecy did it but thinking back as a married man w Since I have watched some of the Deadliest Catch I was interested in reading this book and learning about king crab fishing Iid enjoy reading Spike s adventures and gaining a better understanding about the lives of crab fishermena very The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, dangerous and somewhat sad life Caution for younger readers I took a couple stars off because of language and what I consider inappropriate topicshappenings Excellent book I could tell the great ammount of research that Spike put into his books The accounts of the fishermen involved are unforgetable He is a great writer and reallyid his experiences justice with his Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, descriptions I got a little tired of the constant re hashing of boatspeople goingown I m of a yes stuff happens but how The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker does it make you FEEL kinda reader It was a good book I will probably end up reading the rest of his too This book was absolutely riveting Amazing I would recommend this book to everyone I have been a fan of Discovery channel s Deadliest Catch since it began airing 4 years ago This book like the Deadliest Catch tv show gives every reader such a respect for the harding working men and women in the Alaskan Bering Sea I will always gladly pay a high price for crab knowing exactly how it came to me Walker s book provides a first hand insight into the Alaskan crab fishing industry in the late 1970s and early 1980s long before The Deadliest Catch Discoveryocumentary series Personal tales are mixed with survival stories from fellow fisherman who crewe. No profession pits man against nature brutally than king crab fishing in the frigid unpredictable waters of the Bering Sea The yearly eath toll is staggering forty two men in 1988 alone; the conditions are beyond most imaginations 90 mph Arctic.

D other boats uring the crabbing seasons Walker is very likeable and his writing comes across as authentic Walker Luke doesn t glorify the industry noroes he exaggerate the heoric stories he The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane doesn t need to I ll read of his books in the future Spike Walker brought theangerous seas to lifeor A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy death as it were By the middle of the book it was like Spike and I were sitting at a pub and him telling his story Knowing the crab fishing industry was toughid NOTHING to prepare this reader for the seemingly The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning daily struggle for life itself From trying to obtain a paying jig to live through a sinking ship Spike scared me far from theecks of any such vessel The loss of life makes me reconsider my own food value thoughts That is if so many must ie what is the true cost to eating that crab What was Spike s next adventure like He id the canoe thing in the Yukon What a guy Before I started reading this book I must admit that I entertained thoughts of some ay trying my hand at crab fishing In fact my boyfriend mentioned off hand that there was a crab boat looking for some crew members in town Florence OR a couple weeks ago I was perturbed that he hadn t mentioned it earlier because the crab season was already underway and the position was long filled Then I picked up this book Spike Walker writes about his experiences crab fishing out of Kodiak and Dutch Harbor uring the crab boom of the 70s His The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated description of life aboard the boat and the work involved sucks you in He s a great writer He also includes accounts of tragedies that happeneduring those years Some of the stories go from bad to worse and when you think nothing else could go To maximize the sensation of coldness and wetness while reading Spike Walker s Working on the Edge you should really listen to Ralph Vaughn Williams Antarctic Symphony It captures the loneliness hard work and intense cold of the crab industry off Alaska s Bering Strait shores Walker s book is about. Winds 25 foot seas and super human stretches of on eck labor; but the payback if one survives can be tens of thousands of ollars for a month long seasonIn a breathtaking action packed account that combines his personal story with the stories of.

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